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Guaranteed Prize Money

Partner Archery Organizations

How it works?

- In addition to The Bahamas Shoot regular payout schedule, eligible winners of the Adult Compound Field Competition and the Known 45, 3D Competition will win prizes available in this Guaranteed Prize Program. See regular payout schedule:

What do the first place winners get in each competition?

- First place winners get $1,000 each.

What is the Prize Pool?

- 2nd - 7th place winners get to choose a prize from the prize pool. Prizes are chosen in the winning order of the competition. Example: 2nd place chooses a prize first, 3rd place chooses second etc.

What prizes are currently available in The Prize Pool for Known 45, 3D Shooting Class?

- First place winner get $1,000.

Known 45 Prize Pool Include:

- Twelve Carbon Express Tank 23D shafts and components (By: Feredyne) 

- One 14” Onyx (By: Shrewd)

- One 12” Onyx (By: Shrewd)

- One 35mm Optum Scope - RH (By: Shrewd)

- One HS2 (HandHeld Bow Scale 2) (By: Last Chance Archery)

- One Pro Grain Scales (By: Last Chance Archery)

- High School Open Prizes?

- First Place: $150

- Second Place: $50

- Third Place: $20

- Elementary School Open Prizes?

- First Place: $100

- Second Place: $30

- Third Place: $10

How might I become eligible?

- 1st step: Become a member of Archers Association of America, Archery Shooters Association, or Bahamas Field Archery Association if you aren't already.

- 2nd step: Register for Known 45 3D shooting class or Adult Compound Field Shooting Class of The Bahamas Shoot

- 3rd step: Place anywhere from 1st - 7th place in one or both of the step 2 competitions.

Is there a minimum number of archers required for this payout to take effect?

- No. Funds and prizes are guaranteed.

What prizes are currently available in The Prize Pool for Adult Freestyle Field Competition?

- First place winner get $1,000.

Adult Freestyle Prize Pool Include:

- One TruFire Synapse (By: Feredyne) 

- One 30” Onyx (By: Shrewd)

- One 28” Onyx (By: Shrewd)

- One Optum Ring System (By: Shrewd)

- One HS2 (HandHeld Bow Scale 2) (By: Last Chance Archery)

- One Pro Grain Scales (By: Last Chance Archery)

How do I become a member of the partner archery organizations?

- Visit the organization's website for more information:

Archers Association of America:

Archery Shooters Association:

Bahamas Field Archery Association:

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- Although USD and BSD is 1:1, banking and transaction fees will be deducted from winnings

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